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6 Cool Things To Do With a Drone

Have fun with your drone. It is not its major purpose but why do not try to do something different. There are plenty of cool things you could do with a drone and you don’t even need to have some special equipment for that. Being a creative person is enough for that. Let’s inspire you with some cool ideas you could try.

1. Take an amazing selfie from heights

Well, if you had a drone with camera that would be one of the first things you should try. Imagine how would your Instagram look like if you added a cool selfie of you smiling from heights. And with right hashtags you could gain new followers. Apart from selfies, drone with a camera would help you to take impressive photos of the land around you and it would definitely bring a new thrill to your photography portfolio.

Forest and road photo from a drone

Photo by Allthestories from Freepik

2. Try drone delivery of small packages

Not everything can be sent via internet. Attach a small package or an envelope to the drone and send it to your friends, cousins, grandparents who live few blocks away. I am sure you will make them happy with such a surprise. All you need is a bit of an imagination, a duct tape, a letter or a package and of course a drone.

White drone delivering a package

Design vector created by freepik -


3. Skywriting to please your love

You know that scene from romantic movies, when she is mad at him but suddenly an airplane appears taking turn after turn while gigantic white inscription taking its place in the blue sky. Her eyes sparkle and she screams: "Yes, I will marry you". It does not have to be just a fantasy from movie for you anymore. It could be another cool thing you could do with your drone. You would need a bit more imagination, smoke shell… and a dream partner you want to marry. Or you could just try skywriting with a drone for fun.

Skywriting with a drone

Wedding photo created by kjpargeter -


4. Send encrypted message with your drone

Wait till it’s dark, attach some light you can control remotely to the drone and send a signal or encrypted message in a Morse code to your friend a few blocks away. A dark night fulfills with flashing light pattern which only the receiver of a message is able to decode.

Drone encrypted message

Light psd created by ydlabs -


5. Prepare drone lightshow for your friends

There is another way how you could exploit lights attached to your drone. This is more advanced stuff and you would need at least two drones (but it still may not be enough). Synchronized drones with the light attached to them could create really enjoyable light show. Just imagine warm summer night in a campfire, your friends sitting in a circle, laughing and having a great time. And then your spectacular light show begins, a couple of drones flying, spinning, turning around with lights attached to them. It would take a lot of time of preparation, but the result would be worth it. And once you would automate the process of your light show, you could do it over and over again. Think how awesome it would be.

Drone lightshow, cool things to do with a drone

Party vector created by macrovector -


6. Beat your friends in drone racing

And at the end, lets get back from romantic stories and campfires to the more adventurous thing you could do with drone. A drone racing. Set up a route, set up a start line and a finish line. Set up some circles and obstacles in the route. Tune your drone for maximum speed and beat your friends. Enjoy the sweat feeling of a victory from this experience full of adrenaline.

Drone racing with a blue drone and finish line

Technology vector created by stories -


Other fun things you could do with a drone

These are just ideas of things you could do with a drone  There are plenty of other fun things you could do, and all you need for that is the imagination and... well… a drone.

Where to buy a drone?

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