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Liitokala Lii402 Lii202 Lii100 LiiS1 18650

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Vendor: Treasure Kleny

SKU: 8619033-lii402-whole-package

Lii402 whole package
Lii402 And USB Cable
Lii202 whole package
Lii202 And USB Cable
Lii100 whole package
Lii100 And USB Cable
5V 2A EU plug
Lii S1 Whole package
LiiS1 And USB Cable
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Intelligent battery charger

Very intelligent battery charger of various types batteries. You can now charge Li-on, Ni-MH batteries, while the charger itslef recognize what type of batteries you have inserted in it and accordingly adjusts the charging mode.


Chose the battery charger that suits your needs


We have for you 4 battery chargers:

  1. Liitokala Lii402
  2. Liitokala Lii202
  3. Liitokala Lii100
  4. Liitokala Lii-S1

Decide which type of battery charger Liitokala Lii suits your needs the most. For every one of four option above we have 2 variations for you: You can buy Liitokala Lii whole package (with a plug) or without a plug. So totally you can choose from 4x2=8 variations of Liitokala Lii batery chargers.


What you need to know about Liitokala Lii

Liitokala Lii is a charger for cylindrical lithium ion battery – 3.7V, 3.8V, nickel hydrogen, nickel cadmium and lithium iron phosphate battery. It has input Micro USB DC 5V. It is designed for 4 kinds of charging – 500mA, 700mA, 1000mA, 2000mA. You can control Charge status on LED display


Explore 8 Liitokala Lii battery charger variations

1. Liitokala Lii402 whole package: Lii402 charger + USB cable + 5V 2A charging plug + manual


Liitokala Lii402 whole package on a white background

2. Liitokala Lii402 USB package: Lii402 charger + USB cable + manual

(Package without a plug)

Liitokala Lii402 without a plug

3. Liitokala Lii202 whole package: Lii202 charger + USB cable + 5V 2A charging plug + manual


Liitokala Lii-S1 whole package

4. Liitokala Lii202 USB package: Lii202 charger + USB cable + manual 

(Without a plug)

Liitokala Lii-S1 usb package

5. Liitokala Lii100 whole package: Lii100 charger + USB cable + 5V 2A charging plug + manual


Liitokala Lii100 whole package

6. Liitokala Lii100 USB package: Lii100 charger + USB cable + manual

(without a plug)

Liitokala Lii202 USB package


7. Liitokala Lii-S1 whole package: Lii-S1 charger x1 + USB cable x1+ 5V 1A charging plug x1+ manual

Liitokala Lii-S1 whole package:

8. Liitokala Lii-S1 usb package: Lii-S1 chargerx1 + USB cable x1 + manual x1

(Without a plug)

 Liitokala Lii-S1 usb package

Further specifications:

  • Package: Yes
  • Display screen: No
  • Type: Electric
  • Type: USB
  • Battery Number: 1-4
  • Brand Name: liitokala
  • Intelligent Charge: Yes
  • Model Number: Lii-402 Lii-202 Lii-100
  • Output Interface: USB Output
  • Quick charge: Yes
  • Use: Standard Battery


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