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Flexible Octopus Tripod With Bluetooth Remote

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For your better flexibility, you find interesting trends

Flexible Sponge Octopus Mini Tripod For iPhone mini Camera Tripod Phone Holder clip stand.

Very useful stand that helps you to customize the position of your phone to your liking. You can use it as universal mobile phone stand / camera Tripod.

Explore new possibilities, attach your phone to unusual places and take a picture

Bend the legs of the Flexible Octopus Tripod in any imaginable way in order to attach your phone to unusual places. Then take a picture or record a video from this new unique point of view. You can rotate your phone in it at 360 degree and tilt the phone at any angle for better flexibility and creativity.

Use remote control to take picture from your phone placed in Octopus Tripod

A remote control with batteries included helps you to take a picture. Just easily connect it with your phone via Bluetooth. You don’t need any special app to control your phone in Octopus Tripod. Bluetooth is all you need to connect your phone to the device and it works immediately.


Octopus Tripod supports universal mobile phones below 5.5 inches

It does not matter whether you have an iPhone, Samsung, Huawei etc. As long as your phone is up to 5.5 inches, Octopus Tripod suits to your phone. There is a soft sponge on both sides to prevent scratches. Universal built-in spring switch controls the size of the fixture so that different products can be placed in.  It is made of plastic. Octopus tripod is stable and easy to use.

Weight: 58g

Folded Length (mm): 255mm

Max Extended Length (mm): 255mm

How to use Octopus Tripod

Installation instructions:
1, pull the jig, put the cell phone into the fixture, and then let go, use the built-in spring to clamp the handset
2, open 3 feet, while stretching the length of the stent, adjust to the required height
3, turn the angle of the mobile phone, select the angle, then lock the positioning screw.

If you any questions, contact us.

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