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Visuo XS816 RC 4K Drone

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Product Type: Drone

Vendor: Treasure Kleny

SKU: 24384077-set4-1080p-1bat-bx

Set4 1080P 1BAT BX
Set7 1080P 1BAT CB
Set1 1080P 1BAT FB
Set5 1080P 2BAT BX
Set8 1080P 2BAT CB
Set2 1080P 2BAT FB
Set6 1080P 3BAT BX
Set9 1080P 3BAT CB
Set3 1080P 3BAT FB
Set13 4K 1BAT BX
Set16 4K 1BAT CB
Set10 4K 1BAT FB
Set14 4K 2BAT BX
Set17 4K 2BAT CB
Set11 4K 2BAT FB
Set15 4K 3BAT BX
Set18 4K 3BAT CB
Set12 4K 3BAT FB
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This foldable Quadcopter can move in different directions:Up/down, turn left/right, forward/backward, sideward flight, LED light, altitude hold, 3D flip, headless mode, one key takeoff/landing, FPV WIFI, follow mode, path fly.

The drone Visuo XS816 RC 4K Drone can take photos or record video as it sees certain gesture. The 4K HD camre in the front captures unique irreplacceable images,photos from different angles.


Find a new hobby in your free time thanks to this drone with a camera

Taking amazing photos from heights has never been easier. And not just photos. With Visuo 4K Drone you can shoot wonderful HD videos literally from the sky. Impress your Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers or just your family members with cool photos and videos.

Drone with camera


Experience the beauty of the world around you through the eyes of a bird

You can use 50 times nondestructive zoom to get unique perspective from long distance. You can just watch the world around you from your mobile phone and see everything what your drone sees.

Watching what drone sees on a mobile


Control taking pictures just with your gestures

Visuo XS816 RC 4K Drone can take pictures as it recognizes your gestures. Use this feature to take cool selfies from heights in 4K ultra clear resolution.

Man controlling drone with gesture

Easy to carry

The drone is easy to carry, so you can take it in a carry bag wherever you want. Turn on an intelligent follow mode and the drone will follow you.

Drone in a follow mode

*For more features open Aditional description tab.


Select the type you like the most - with 1,2 or 3 batteries, with carry bag, foam box or original box, with dual 4K camera or 1080P camera. The choice is yours, so pick the one that suits you more.

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